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Increase business and customer value and de-risk your CRM and Customer Experience project with our implementation services.

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Your CRM implementation partner built on experience

At mplify, we know from experience that making a transformational change supported by new systems can be one of the most time-consuming, puzzling and expensive tasks your organization will undertake. Surely benefits are abundant, but with potential pitfalls around every corner it is important to work with an experienced partner that is able to guide you in this journey and that can leverage its proven implementation methodology towards project success.

Our mission is to become a long-term partner that supports you to make the most of your CRM and Customer Experience investments. We prioritize value to the business and your end customer, mitigating overall project risk and reducing IT complexity by advocating a 'configure before buy before build'  approach. We have a great team of people with many years of CRM and industry expertise, who are able to support and stand side by side with you throughout the implementation process. Whether you are looking to implement Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP / hybris, the common objective is to deliver value from day one.

We all like a smooth ride that minimizes risk to the organization and adds incremental value to the business and end-customer. In our experience and way of working, the following elements are key in achieving a ride that is smooth as possible:



Get everyone onto the same boat

Before a project gets underway, it’s really important that all the key stakeholders “from the top-down” understand  and buy in to the reasons, need and strategy behind the business change project. In addition, everyone has to be made aware on how they can contribute to the overall success of the program.

We leverage a methodology which is flexible, collaborative and based on clear and consistent communication. Once everyone feels involved, understands their role in the team and shares the vision and objective of the program, great things will happen.


Put the dot on the horizon

The first step is to define clearly when your transformation is successful. Achieving a clear consensus on and collective view of the business challenges that need to be addressed, the outcomes expected and implications and justifications behind these improvements is crucial.

Having a defined set of business objectives makes it easier to narrow down the business processes involved and the customer experience expected. Put intermittent milestones in place also, as there will be value to be had from incremental deliveries in this fast paced digital era.


Focus on processes and customer experience

Once the overall objectives have been established and everyone is huddled around a common objective, it is time to define what needs to happen to achieve that goal. In a set of backlog refinement sessions, the process and customer experience objectives are translated into actionable and implementation ready items.

You or your business will be in the driving seat to set the priorities for delivery, while we support that process by providing practices and examples from other companies or industries to unlock the true potential.


Sprint towards value

At this point in time, the business priorities are clear and our delivery team is well aware of what your business and customers require. In two week sprints, the delivery teams will start to implement your requirements and realize true business value.

Every two weeks you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on a working system, allowing the teams to immediately address your feedback. The regular and early demos de-risk the project as you will have continuous visibility on the project outcome and can direct it towards the agreed common goal.


Avoid surprises through early testing

Surprises may be nice on your birthday, but they surely can negatively impact your CRM project. Therefore, besides the frequent business demos, testing will been carried out on selected functionalities within the system throughout the implementation process. 

In addition you will be able to test these functionalities yourself as well, avoiding any surprises and building confidence in a successful deployment.


Ready... Deploy!

You are ready to start using the new functionalities and provide that great new experience to your customers. Technical deployment will be easy enough, but do ensure you spend some time guiding the transition through executing training sessions, coaching on the job etc.

Success achieved! Ready for the next innovation boost?

Are you looking for a partner to help realize your CRM and Customer Experience implementation projects? Do you need a solid partner to help implement Salesforce, Microsoft or SAP / hybris? Our implementation services set the stage for success. Contact us to learn more, no strings attached!