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    SAP Hybris Commerce 

    Leader in Commerce. 

    SAP Hybris' omni-channel commerce solution helps you target and engage with your customers better, wherever they are. As the world of commerce continues to change, give your customers a consistent and meaningful experience - across every channel, every time. This is also the promise of mplify. That's why SAP and mplify are working together to deliver a consistent and a meaningful experience.

    SAP Hybris Commerce:

    • Best in class e-commerce platform.
    • Start with a platform and let it grow with you.


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    Simplified Front Office

    The new CRM. 

    Here you can read and follow shortly the latest information about the new CRM of SAP Hybris: Simplified Front Office. This new CRM is not only about activities, leads, opportunites, quotes and orders. This new CRM will give you the tooling within your Simplified Front Office (i.e. Profile solution, Customer Experience & YaaS) to know what your customer wants tomorrow. You need to know what your customer wants before he does. This is what Simplified Front Office is about.


    SAP Hybris Marketing

    Market to an audience of one.

    SAP Hybris Marketing suite allows marketers to blend both explicit and implicit customer behavior information to determine each customer's actual intent. With real-time insights, marketers can target proactively and deliver individualized experiences that will help increase conversions and profits for your business.

    With the SAP Hybris Marketing Solution you can deliver:

    • Cross Channel Engagements.
    • Targeting and Segmentation.
    • Market Planning.
    • Personalization.
    • Real Time analytics. 
    • Out of the Box integration.


    SAP Cloud for Customer

    Engage your customers in more meaningful ways with SAP Cloud for Customer. This cloud CRM portfolio brings marketing, sales, commerce, customer service and social CRM together – to help your team form powerful personal connections that drive customer engagement across all channels. 

    Within mplify we have extensive experience in implementing and delivering SAP Cloud for Customer. mplify was involved of the first implementation in the Netherlands and from that time our heroes did many more succesful implementations. We also regularly support customers during the implementation or even implementation partners doing their job at the customer. mplify can bring you true expertise on everything in or around SAP Cloud for Customer.


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    SAP Hybris Billing

    The SAP Hybris Billing solution helps you innovate your business models so that you can deliver a better customer experience. Monetize subscription and usage-based services in real-time. Share revenues with partners of your business network. Streamline your high-volume revenue management processes.


    Are you looking for a partner to help realize your CRM and Customer Experience implementation projects? Do you need a solid partner to help implement Salesforce, Microsoft or SAP Hybris? Our implementation services set the stage for success. Contact us to learn more, no strings attached!

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