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SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is expanding (D4CE).

It’s only been eight months since SAP launched SAP’s first digital native offering at SAPPHIRE and the response has been really good. Words of CRM king Paul Greenberg "This is some of the best, most awesome stuff I’ve seen in years." According SAP, they received over 2000 sign-ups.

Time for a deep dive, with the new functionalities of the 1511 release of SAP D4CE!!


Besides the regurar Sales, Service and (very extended in latest release) Marketing capabilties SAP also invested in Data Intelligence. SAP will embed some nice advanced prediction capabilities in the near future. So stay tuned.

Key Product Capabilities

  • SFA: Accounts & Contacts, Lead & Opportunities, Activities, Products, Forecasting.
  • Marketing: E-Mail channels, campaign automation, lead scoring.
  • Service: E-Mail Ticket Management.
  • Import Customers from Google, Outlook, CSV.Simplified User, Team & Data Access Management.
  • Guided Product Walkthroughs for easy on- boarding.
  • Collaboration for teams.
  • Personalize and Extend your solution.
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android devices.
  • Powerful Analytics and dashboards.

Service Tickets

  • Automatically create service tickets from E-Mail channel that your agents can directly respond to from the Tickets view.
  • Support for manual service ticket creation.
  • We also received some rumours that a connection to your company’s Twitter account is possible in the near future. Social messages can be embedded with Sales, Service and Marketing very easily.


  • Enable your field sales personnel to plan and record site visits and activities while on-site at the account.
  • Pre-configured Googe map integration and a calendar view to efficiently manage your visit itinerary

Native & Responsive Mobile Apps

  • Native responsive applications based on SAP Fiori design paradigm.
  • Works seamlessly across iOS and Android devices.
  • Mobile first designs for sales teams.

New release (15/11) functionalities:

Sales Planning and Forecasting

  • Simplified Forecasting for teams.
  • Forecast by Opportunity Revenue.
  • Pre-defined forecast categories (Commit, Best case and Pipeline)
  • Drilldown by Time (Quarterly/Month) or by Employee.
  • Manager adjustments can be enabled.

Marketing Automation

  • E-Mail and Survey Content
    • Embedded editor to design e-mail and survey content.
  • Campaign Execution
    • Design and execute single and multi-step campaigns.
  • Lead Scoring
    • Automatically score leads based on campaign engagement.
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Out-of-the-box dashboard for campaigns and leads.
  • Target Groups
    • One-click creation of target groups from sales, marketing, service and standard reports.


Team and Data Access Management

  • Simplified User and Team setup.
  • Each team consists of one manager.
  • Data access restrictions are public access, private access and team access.

E-mail blast

  • Simplified setup for bulk e-mail sending.
  • Send upto 500 e-mails per day.

As you may see, SAP made a lot of progress to improve the quality and the functionality of the Digital CRM Platform. mplify is working very closely with SAP to improve the product in a better way.


Do you want to know if SAP Digital for Customer Engagement will fit within your organization strategy to enable business teams? And how to merge it with his bigger brother SAP Cloud for Customer later?

Or do you would like to start with a small business team of 10 persons, than SAP Digital for Customer Engagement could really be something for you. Please start the conversation with us to determine your best next steps. Even if you would like to receive a fair product comparison.

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