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mplify excited about Salesforce Silver Partner promotion


The Salesforce Partner Tiering System explained (briefly)

The Salesforce partner tiering system is where consultancy firms get recognized for their work within the Salesforce world. This tiering system is comprised of 4 levels: Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum. After you have reached a certain number of points for customer satisfaction, certifications, projects and other criteria, you move onwards and upwards.With a high customer satisfaction rating of 9.68 (out of 10), mplify will strive for that perfect 10.

We are really proud to announce that our partnership was recently strengthened as a result of being promoted to Salesforce Silver Partner. At mplify we continue to invest in our consultants so that they can acquire more Salesforce certifications and increase the quality of projects we take on. We want them to be fully equipped to drive strategic (and pragmatic) change in your Marketing, Sales or Service organization. And while we are not jumping out of airplanes without parachutes, we are indeed ecstatic about this promotion. Champagne anyone?


Bringing you comprehensive Marketing, Sales and Service

Companies that want to be effective in Marketing, Sales and Service have long turned to Salesforce to fuel their ambition. And there is no denying, we have done that as well. Together with our extensive business and technical expertise built over 12+ years, mplify and Salesforce are certainly standing out from the crowd. We strongly believe that customer success is a mindset and intend to continue down that path.

Unlike most of our competition, we not only provide trainings, configurations, development, coding and integrations but also recently expanded our services to include both customer success and content marketing. We know there is a market for this and we intend to capture it.

Ready to further professionalize your own organization or just interested in learning more about us? There really are no (silver) strings attached. Just get in touch !

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