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Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA


Microsoft joins the historic & winning city of Barcelona for their annual EMEA Convergence event held last week. Winning is the prevailing word here. Ever since Microsoft got their new CEO, the wind has changed for the Redmond based company and the timing couldn’t be more exciting. Microsoft puts new focus on existing challenges and takes on new challenges cloud-first, reviving their company.


The event hosted 5,123 attendees and with a YoY of 26%, Microsoft was able to make a larger impact than ever. It has to be said, Microsoft is not blocking an entire city like Salesforce’s Dreamforce is doing. This is fine, as long as the content is there. We would humor a retweet of Benioff :-)

The central theme of the event was “Where business meets possibility”. These few words say it all. Microsoft is a global all-field player. The focus recently is more and more on businesses. Windows is on track and the devices are also finding their place. Microsoft is moving to take a broader business position with their cloud-first approach and supports organizations of all sizes in this digital age.

Here are our key takeaways of the event:

Digital transformation
Companies have added digital to their existing business model, instead of redefining it. Microsoft is providing tools to transform in a structured way and collaborate. Skype for Business, PowerApps (see below) and Dynamics CRM 2016 (see below) are examples of that.

Dynamics CRM 2016


Personalise customer experiences, proactive business and predict trends. Dynamics CRM 2016 has the analytics and machine learning capabilities of the Cortana Analytics Suite to preview our first intelligent, adaptive processes for sales, customer service and social:

  • Cross-sell recommendations to predict product/service needs.
  • Knowledge articles recommendations to resolve customer cases on the spot.
  • Machine learning capabilities powering sentiment analysis and mass data streams.
  • Collaboration with Delve functionality to surface relevant trending content.



Microsoft PowerApps was introduced and took quite some coverage. PowerApps is designed to bring fast development to business applications without having to write a single line of code. Consumers are using lots of apps nowadays to support them in their daily lives. Microsoft is unlocking the app scenarios for businesses with this service. This also confirms mplify´s vision of the new business and IT dimensions and the rethinking both sides have to do.

Cloud-first business solutions
Dynamics AX (the ERP brother of Dynamics CRM) is now also architected for the cloud. Dynamics CRM was already available in both premise and cloud scenarios (with code-share). Microsoft is a big infrastructure player with Azure. Also the Office365 proposition provides great advantages to companies of all sizes. Microsoft is going to chase the same success for their front and back office portfolio. An admirable approach is the co-opetition strategy and we well remember Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella showcasing on Dreamforce this year (must-see if you like the companies).

Transformational change  
Convergence concluded with sessions on the exciting times we are in. As a company you have to change or new disruptive companies will take over. Cloud technology and crowd-funding is taking away traditional limits to scale. To succeed companies need to rethink the customer journeys and their business model. The key here is to work together in the hyper-connected world. This applies to companies of all sizes.

To see all sessions, check out this link https://www.microsoft.com/en/convergence/emea15/news

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