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Customer success a mindset in 2018

Digital marketing, big data, automation, internet of things, cloud computing and VR will be increasingly relevant and strategic technology trends in 2018. One equally important topic is the role of “customer success”. Loosely defined, customer success, particularly for the SaaS industry, is really about making sure that your customers efficiently achieve their goals as a result of the interactions with your company. It should be engrained in everything you do.

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7 concrete steps for effective content marketing

Content marketing can give you an extra edge in attracting new customers. Engage your clients and let them know how you can help them generate business. Do you know the steps?

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New team members at mplify


  mplify is pleased to announce, due to the increased demand from our growing portfolio of customers, that two more professionals have joined the team. Despite the fact that we are an independent CRM service provider there is no denying the increased popularity of Salesforce in The Netherlands. 

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Reveal your company knowledge with mplify content marketing services

Inbound marketing is all about producing tailored content that generates interest. Business decision makers are always busy. They prefer authoritative information about a prospective purchase from articles (content) rather than being bombarded by cold calls and irrelevant advertising. There is an almost constant need to improve business results.

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Work hard, play hard. mplify style.

The expression “work hard, play hard” has become a bit of a cliché and doesn’t fully capture everything in between all the hard work and Friday evening drinks.

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mplify supports GoodFuels in professionalizing its sales process through Salesforce.

GoodFuels has recently decided to strengthen its sales process with the use of Salesforce. GoodFuels and mplify partnered on the implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud. In a short period, GoodFuels was able to structure and create transparency in its lead to customer process, strengthening the company’s ability to engage with its (prospective) customers. In line with their corporate vision, both companies share a passion for sustainability and technology.

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SAP Digital for Customer Engagement is expanding (D4CE).

It’s only been eight months since SAP launched SAP’s first digital native offering at SAPPHIRE and the response has been really good. Words of CRM king Paul Greenberg "This is some of the best, most awesome stuff I’ve seen in years." According SAP, they received over 2000 sign-ups.

Time for a deep dive, with the new functionalities of the 1511 release of SAP D4CE!!

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mplify wishes you and your family an amazing 2016!

Dear reader, mplify wishes you and your family an amazing 2016!

To close off a successful mplify year, we have supported – as part of our mbient program – TheOceanCleanup, a good cause close to mplify heart and values. We love them because they leverage cutting edge technology for the better of our environment. If you like them as much as we do, please join us in supporting them make a sustainable impact!

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Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA


Microsoft joins the historic & winning city of Barcelona for their annual EMEA Convergence event held last week. Winning is the prevailing word here. Ever since Microsoft got their new CEO, the wind has changed for the Redmond based company and the timing couldn’t be more exciting. Microsoft puts new focus on existing challenges and takes on new challenges cloud-first, reviving their company.


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Subscription accounting framework of TomTom much faster after upgrade to SAP HANA

Last summer we started with the migration to SAP HANA. In a period of only two months, a migration and upgrade is performed on all processes, interfaces and objects of SAP CRM, which is an important part of the subscription accounting framework of TomTom. The project went very smoothly, without big surprises. Also for this reason, all of this was possible within a very tight schedule. Based on this experience you can conclude that it can be valuable to consider an upgrade to SAP HANA, which of course also depends on the current process. This blog describes some experiences of the HANA upgrade at TomTom.

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