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Work hard, play hard. mplify style.

The expression “work hard, play hard” has become a bit of a cliché and doesn’t fully capture everything in between all the hard work and Friday evening drinks.


At mplify we take our "mplifun", "mplisharing" and "mplifamily" serious. (As you can see above, we were so excited about indoor skydiving we couldn't even stand in a straight row for the photo.) Having a vibrant company culture is no longer just an option. Nowadays, 21st century employees consider company culture as important as their salary and benefits. If your company claims, “people are our greatest asset,” you should also be ready to invest in people in visible ways; be it with trainings, congresses, dinners, fun/social activities and mobility. We believe that outside of all the hard work we do for our clients, everyone needs some time to blow of some steam and have fun together.

Last week, the entire team at mplify participated in our biannual "mplifun friday". (We also have a full fledged "mplifamily" event once a year too. Can you already picture the beach and bbq?). In our opinion, you don't need free smoothies, ping pong tables, beanbag chairs and beer fridges to define how you keep your team engaged and enthusiastic. So rather than hire an external "professional team builder", we left the office for the day and evening to:
  • Dismantle bombs with one another, drive on a virtual race track, go scuba diving, climb a mountain, stand face-to-face with a dinosaur, shoot robots and more at a "Virtual Reality Room".
  • Experience "the ultimate indoor skydiving center in The Netherlands" where we got to partake in "an unforgettable free fall in the World's first center with two tunnels."
  • Eat, drink, laugh and listen to one another over a great 4 course mplidinner


It is safe to say it was a big success. We were able to mplify (yes, amplify) our team and reload our batteries for Monday.

Interested in knowing more about our company culture? Keen on knowing where we did VR, skydiving and ate? Looking for a new challenge and want to work at mplify? Then please get in touch. And make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We are already brainstorming for a lot more mplifun.

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