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7 ways to professionalize your customer contact center

Customer Service is becoming more and more important as customers are looking to differentiate from their competitors. Better customer experience as a way to attract and retain customers is a must do for any organization. The customer contact center is a key component to an improved customer experience, but many struggle to make the neccessary steps. In a world where customers expect their calls to be adressed in a personalized, high quality and timely manner, organizations can't keep up with expectations.

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Key ingredients to help drive adoption of your CRM (Part 2)


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GDPR, how to make your opt-in stand out from the crowd

Your mailbox - like my own - is very likely overflowing with emails requesting your consent to stay in touch with organizations. Given the volume of GDPR related emails, the likelihood that you actually open them and respond is very low. Only one day after the GPDR laws took hold, my inbox was already filled with 48 emails. Most of these emails are from companies I associated with over the years for simple things such as a download of content. I certainly wouldn't want all of them to store my (mostly outdated) personal data and process it. Only a few of these companies will receive my GDPR Opt In. Interestingly, some opt-in requests are more likely to receive my OK than others. The general reports state that response rates have only been 5% to 10% for the RE Opt-in campaigns. In this blog I explore opt-in's, highlight good and creative practices to help drive up response rates for your own RE Opt-in campaign. But before we do that, let's first summarize at what GDPR actually aims to do.

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Key ingredients to help drive adoption of your CRM (Part 1)

You decided implementing a CRM is the solution to your organizational challenges. If only my employees will start using the right system to track their opportunities, solve customer cases or reach out to prospective buyers using marketing campaigns, then the sky is the limit right? It is easy to believe the technology will be the silver bullet to all Marketing, Sales and Customer Service issues in your organization. Don't get us wrong, technology can be a fantastic enabler to better customer experience, process efficiency, customer insight etc. However, a recent Forrester study showed many CRM implementations do not achieve the required levels of adoption (and results) to be considered a success. Here is why...

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mplifying customer service at an exciting Fintech: Peaks (Case Study)


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mplify is gold sponsor at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam


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Customer success a mindset in 2018

Digital marketing, big data, automation, internet of things, cloud computing and VR will be increasingly relevant and strategic technology trends in 2018. One equally important topic is the role of “customer success”. Loosely defined, customer success, particularly for the SaaS industry, is really about making sure that your customers efficiently achieve their goals as a result of the interactions with your company. It should be engrained in everything you do.

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New team members at mplify


  mplify is pleased to announce, due to the increased demand from our growing portfolio of customers, that two more professionals have joined the team. Despite the fact that we are an independent CRM service provider there is no denying the increased popularity of Salesforce in The Netherlands. 

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mplify ondersteunt GoodFuels in het professionaliseren van het verkoopproces op basis van Salesforce.

GoodFuels heeft onlangs besloten het verkoopproces te gaan structureren en verbeteren door het gebruik van Salesforce. GoodFuels en mplify hebben samengewerkt bij de implementatie van de Salesforce Sales Cloud. In een korte periode heeft GoodFuels het doel gehaald om het "lead tot klant" proces te structureren en op die basis transparantie aan te brengen in de klantgerichte verkoopactiviteiten. GoodFuels is nu beter in staat om met zijn potentiele klanten te interacteren en groei te realiseren. Beide bedrijven delen een passie voor duurzaamheid en de toepassing van technologie.

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Welkom bij ‘The Internet of Customers’: hoogtepunten van Dreamforce 2015

Nu het stof van de Salesforce conferentie van dit jaar is neergedwarreld, is het tijd om alle beloftes en aankondigingen eens tegen het licht te houden. Waarschijnlijk ben je al gebruiker van Salesforce en beheer je al je klantinteracties, manage je alle opportunity’s en volg je je sales funnel in de welbekende Sales Cloud. Wellicht gebruik je zelfs al de Service Cloud voor social en traditionele klantenservice in je call centers, of ben je al gestart met omnichannel marketing op basis van de Marketing Cloud.

Dit jaar bouwt Salesforce verder op hun klantrevolutie concept en het onderliggende klant succes platform. Dit verbeterde klant georiënteerde CRM platform maakt het voor jouw organisatie nog eenvoudiger om de klantervaring van je klanten significant te verbeteren. Dit uiteraard niet alleen via de menselijke benadering van de traditionele accountmanager of call center agent, maar ook gebruik makend van de data die je beschikbaar hebt van je klanten, en daarmee ook de devices die zij gebruiken. Laten we dieper ingaan op de verschillende aankondigingen van de conferentie:

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