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Customer success a mindset in 2018

Digital marketing, big data, automation, internet of things, cloud computing and VR will be increasingly relevant and strategic technology trends in 2018. One equally important topic is the role of “customer success”. Loosely defined, customer success, particularly for the SaaS industry, is really about making sure that your customers efficiently achieve their goals as a result of the interactions with your company. It should be engrained in everything you do.

That Aha Moment

Back in 2014 Salesforce made headlines with a major strategic shift from being a sales-driven CRM company to one more focused on long-term customer success. In fact, they even called it the “Aha Moment”: In order for your organization to truly deliver Customer Success it should not come exclusively from one department. Customer success must be a mindset that permeates your entire organization. It’s also key to know that different customers at different tiers have different desired outcomes, and that they evolve over time.

Customer success has been a part of the dna of mplify since it was founded in 2012. mplify partners with organizations – side by side – to deliver on their promise. We thrive on having deep expertise on customer centric processes and solutions. Fast forward to 2018 and mplify will be streamlining its services to include a dedicated Customer Success team.

They will initially provide three types of services including:

  • Support Services (Proactively attending to bugs, fixes, help or support queries)
  • New Salesforce Functionality (Proactively implementing key functionality extensions) and
  • Salesforce release assessments (Proactively assessing new Salesforce releases in order to benefit your business).

Over time, their remit will expand as they (and you) grow.

Johan The Configurator

To help drive customer success effectively forward in 2018, mplify recently recruited Johan de Wild. During his interview, when asked about what he thought is the primary misconception about customer success, Johan came back with a one/two punch of an answer. And we liked it. “… A lot of companies have the misconception that renaming their account management team into a customer success team automatically works. I don’t think it is wise to confuse these two business functions. Support, service, and account management tend to be reactive, while customer success is proactive and is about helping your customers achieve their desired outcome”.

Referencing the famous 1984 American science-fiction action film “The Terminator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johan also made it clear in his interview that his initial ambition is to become “The Configurator” within mplify. Part man, part (Salesforce) machine, Johan plans on being relentless in his pursuit to fulfil his/our goal of making customers happy with their Salesforce configuration. Our ambition within mplify is that Johan the Configurator is a sequel to his previous role “The Administrator” in which he starred and even won an academy award as Salesforce Administrator. But that’s a whole other blog.

Get in touch

Interested in knowing more about Johan and the rest of the mplify team? Do you have questions on how customer success could work in your organization? Either way, mplify is ready for you in 2018. Get in touch.

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