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Reveal your company knowledge with mplify content marketing services

Inbound marketing is all about producing tailored content that generates interest. Business decision makers are always busy. They prefer authoritative information about a prospective purchase from articles (content) rather than being bombarded by cold calls and irrelevant advertising. There is an almost constant need to improve business results.


The Digital Marketing Shift

Content marketing focuses on creating valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. This audience can be a predefined segment or as targeted as a single customer (Account based Marketing). Ultimately, it should generate more and higher quality leads for Sales.

Organizations tactically, regularly and gradually share their knowledge through case studies, blogs, themed blog series, podcasts, video, newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers, social media and other activities. They win over their audience by revealing knowledge. They provide answers to questions before the prospective buyer has even thought of them.

mplify Content Marketing Services

Over the years mplify clients have inquired if we could help them with “the content marketing question”. Like CRMs, many companies have plenty of ideas but simply don’t know where to start. More often than not, firms of all sizes have neither the time nor resources to write and produce diverse and compelling copy and content. Others have talented marketing teams but need “a fresh look from an outsider”. Another common obstacle is the suboptimal cooperation between sales and marketing to “nurture” their leads or upsell to their current customers.

With that in mind, mplify has added new content marketing/development services to supplement our CRM (Salesforce, SAP Hybris and Microsoft Dynamics 365) and Customer Engagement work. Content Marketing will nicely complement what we already do: professionalizing CRM processes and implement Marketing, Sales and Customer Service solutions for our customers.

Like our CRM Implementation Services, properly defined and mutually agreed processes are one of the keys to success. Consequently, mplify believes any content marketing victory will always require us to (collaboratively) answer these fundamental questions:

      • Who will we create content for?
      • What problem(s) will we solve for that audience?
      • How will it be unique?
      • What formats will we focus on?
      • Which channels will we publish on?
      • How will we schedule and manage creation and publication?
      • How will we measure and continuously improve it?

mplify can now help you answer these questions. And supercharge your sales and marketing collaboration with content. It could be as easy as creating an “ebook” that compiles your 10 best blog posts. Or simply a matter of repackaging what you already do. Or even better and more concrete planning with a “content calendar”.

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