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7 ways to professionalize your customer contact center

Customer Service

Customer Service is becoming more and more important as customers are looking to differentiate from their competitors. Better customer experience as a way to attract and retain customers is a must do for any organization. The customer contact center is a key component to an improved customer experience, but many struggle to make the neccessary steps. In a world where customers expect their calls to be adressed in a personalized, high quality and timely manner, organizations can't keep up with expectations.


This is generally due to 6 challenges that most customer care organisations run into:

  • Data distributed over various systems leads to a lot of manual work and switching between systems to answer even the simplest questions of customers;
  • Due to lack of knowledge with agents, customers are not provided in time with the correct information;
  • Most recurring calls concern simple process questions that should have been avoided in the first place;
  • Insufficient multichannel experience to provide customer service via the desired channel at the customer preffered time;
  • Expectations are insufficiently managed, which hugely impacts the customer experience;
  • Collaboration between frontoffice and backoffice is insuffici├źnt creating unneccessary delays in case resolution.

Although these are big topics in itself and it can be quite daunting to start addressing them one by one, technology is here to help. Many CRM's, including the Salesforce Service Cloud, provide a great platform to address the 7 ways to professionalize your customer contact center: 

1 - Single customer view

Also known as the 360 customer view centralizes all customer related data that is relevant for case resultion. It minimizes the number of applications a call center agent has to use to get the majority of customer requests answered.

2 - Self Service

A Self Service environment removes the pressure on call centers in dealing with a high number of calls. It allows agents to focus on delivering higher quality and personalised service in relation to more complex cases.

3 - Knowledge Base

Centralizing key product and support information in a fully integrated knowledge base speeds up the case resolution process and impacts heavily the first contact resolution metric (FCR).

4 - Process automation

Predefined and automated processes for different customer questions and requests ensures follow-up is consistent  and in line with your brand promise. It provides customers with regular status updates and clear expectations as to how the service process will go.

5 - Collaboration between frontoffice and backoffice

Process and task driven collaboration ensures everyone who has a role in the case resolution process knows what his or her responsibility is. The process is fully transparent and the system actively drives collaboration towards case resolution.

6 - Data and Metrics

The availability of data made visible through reports and dashboards provide key insights into bottlenecks you have in your call center operations. It not only provides a way to drive day to day operations, it also enables you to continually improve your service experience.

7 -  Personalization

Being able to recognize customers in a multichannel environment enables customers to request support at the time and through the channel of their preference. At any point in the customer journey it allows you personalize the experience.

Following these 7 ways into professionalizing your service organization will make a huge difference for any company. At mplify we have ample experience outfitting customer contact centers with state-of-the-art service solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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